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Improved first person view
The base first person view in Toribash is very annoying for freerunners and ... almost everybody in fact. Why dont the characters look in front of them, instead of staring at the opponents face through their necks!
So... i got an idea to solve this problem, why not welding a small invisible, no mass and clippable-through object, just in front of the tori's eyes, and make the player stare at it nstead of contemplating the wall behind which uke is hiding?
Thanks for reading, and hopefully this message will get to the devs.
I don't know how toribash's engine works, but I think I can guess that it's not like that. I'm pretty sure their engine is why there isn't already an amazing FP view. I'm also pretty sure it's just the default cam that copies the location and angle of the head.
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it's already been made,as a script

Are there any scripts similar to this that give like an over the shoulder kind of view, like you would get in most traditional 3rd person shooter games?
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I totally support that idea as video maker. Put an object that the view is focusing could be awesome, especially if you can generate a move for that object or make it static.

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