Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Execution begins now.
The clan is announced and voted dead.

Goodbye fellow [m]'s, sorry to have it end this way. Its just not the same clan and we'll no longer continue the charade. Its for the best.

I'll miss everyone here. I'll miss the times in IRC, the times in game, and all those odd, yet awesome posts. This WAS a great clan. Lets remember it this way.

A special sorry to Hamade and Minimint. You guys joined at a horrible time. I shouldn't have recruited you, Miniz, i apologize. I'll talk to LightingKid to get you re-instated to Inq if you would like...

So, with a heavy heart and hand we crush this board into the dust of the internet. Fare the well, o' [m]...
"Splint Chesthair" - Is my real name.
B'bai my fellow lovenuggets, better to die in honor than become overrun by the zerglings.

I will keep the [m] tag on in rememberance, farewell [m].
in b4 death

;_\\\ i shall miss you [m]clan

the first clan i actually can say i had a hand in creating D:
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