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god damn it's been a long ass time russ. how've ya been?

Indeed it has, about... A year and A half. Maybe more??

Not too bad my dude. Just living life one step at a time. Been doing some games, been working at my new job. Studying, travelling, you name it... I've been there and done that. Haha.

How about yah self.
a lot has changed my dude. kinda hard to put it into words here lol. But i'm doing as well as I can right now.

sorry I'm slow to the response here, don't get on my laptop that much
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Morning Good Everybody!!!
Right my christmas is coming to an end so i thought I'd wish everyone a happy merry greatmas.. yes i've been drinking a tad.. /./ /./

Anywho it has come to my attention that this clan ahs been left a little disjointed by myself and the previous two owners so I am going to, in the new year, be reviving said clan.

Are you ready kidults?!

I can't hear you!!



Hopefully I will be a lot mroe active as I have a lot more free time and would like to get this clan back on track!
If anyone would be interested in the revivial of this clan please let me know. I am attempting to bring this back.

If you're interested give me a message or join the thread and say hey.
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