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Toribash 5.5.1 beta - Steam
Hi, a public beta of Toribash 5.5.1 is now available on Steam for all platforms.
To try it out, go to Toribash properties from your Steam Library, open Betas tab and switch to "beta" branch.

Toribash 5.5.1 contains a number of improvements for replay viewing, bug fixes and some other QoL changes.

What's new:
  • Advanced replay GUI (default hotkey is Tab)
    • Progress bar with camera keyframe marks
    • Replay speed slider
    Advanced replay gui would only work when replay has been cached

  • Replay cache updates
    • When replay speed option is set to "Enabled" in settings, replays will always load with cache by default
    • Cached replay loading should be a little bit quicker due to backend optimizations

  • You can now view next/previous replay using CTRL + ] / CTRL + [ hotkeys while in any folder
  • Replay playback speed now affects flame particles speed
  • Auto focus on replay name input when saving replay

  • Breakable grabs should no longer cause glitches while in Multiplayer
  • Customizable ghosts should no longer get stuck in previous mode when loading a new mod in Multiplayer
  • Better ghost fading with short ghosts
  • Added borderless fullscreen mode (can be enabled in settings)
  • Fixed a possible crash in macOS version on new game alert when game client is minimized
  • 3D items are now displayed properly when they're behind a translusent environment object
  • Fixed a bug that was greatly affecting performance with flame particles disabled
  • Added flame forge to Store and merged textures section into advanced section
  • Auto reload news images after they've been downloaded
  • Prevent Tori and Uke spawning inside each other when setting all zeroes for custom player position in gamerules
  • "Start new game" toggle in game rules is now stored between game sessions
  • Fixed a bug that was writing multiple instances of a move when beating Uke in Challenge Uke tutorial
  • Fixed a bug that was disabling Uke's ghost in some tutorials