toricash in the pic me and you must be in the middle Ok? and like put the names under each pic so we know who is who.... and if you already were doing this my bad
ATTENTION: i am making the clan photo with different size... it sucks so post here the replay with the pose that you want have in claa photo.... i make all the rest..(screen shot and photo pof clan)

EDIT (1DAY LATER): ive realy whote this shit?! ahahahah
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ok guys if you dont get what he said its:

He said all the screen shots we sent were all differant sizes so it looked like shit, So he wants us to send in a replay of us in a pose and he will take the screen shot
I have a suggestion...even if we do send toricash our replays the camera distance from the charecter will always be diff because some poses requier more distance than others so there will always be a size diff. So if there was any other way to size the charecters you might want to try that......just a suggestion.
hmm take pic when i stand on one hand ok !
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