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Clan League!!!!
Ok from what I hear the clan league is coming up in August!!!
The thing is does everybody else think we should enter and of course this is still entierley up to Doni and Toricash.

Edit: i coco pops
Last edited by Doni; May 27, 2008 at 06:22 PM.
no there are much better clans then us but if we train <.< we have a good shot at it
lol i know Ender i was roaming the Legend Clan forums and found this <.<

It was your application to join Legend <.<

Belt: Brown
Time Playing toribash: about 1 year
Other clans: Mafia : (
If any why did you leave: Stuff goin on that I didnt wanna get into.
a good reason why I should join: I am online when almost no one else in the clan is and I specialize in all close combat mods.

Well I apologize for this I did this during the time that I thought that sickbear was going to take over the clan and I panicked because I thought that you and Doni would never come back It had nothing to do with either of you being bad clan leaders because you guys are awesome. So please forgive me for panicking and trying to join another clan I just did not want to take orders from SickBear