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Clan Textures Ideas
guys post here your ideas of what will should be the clan texture like.... like background, colours, whrite and something like that... cmon throw ur creativity... lol
maybe a head thats one solid color with the word mafia in bold letters going acrossed the front
i think for a floor texture we should make a brick wall shatterd to peaces in the middle with the word MAFIA in the hole
Hmm could u make one for the leg with MAfia Looks Written in blood ?
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I agree with ender its like an M on the head or the foot.if its on the head it should be like the ninja thing thats what i think. but i think we should think longer
maibe in the Floor texture you can make a mafia toribashian like in toricash avatar but with a thompson or a shotgun and saying under the guy MAFIA CLAN or something else
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good! please guy keep posting ideas as i can have a base of what to do for clan text...
p.s. i CAN NOT start my work befor i have an idea so keep posting!