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Clan discussion
Ok in effort to make our clan forums more active here you can talk about almost anything ( other video games you played lately, opinions and such) but no profanity or excessive cussing is allowed.

Edit: Hans please make this sticky
i am making some song with my band... when the cd will be out, will u buy them? sorry the grammar i'm tired
i will post some songs in the myspace ...^^ btw the genre is pop-punk pop-rock like blink182 sum41 some song are in Fall out boy style....i hope u will like it
ok guys now i'm the leader again..... and i swear thast i will be active again (much active in the forum that in the game) so post here everithing u thingk thast we should make in the clan!
ok no matter what you say i am now officially leaving this clan you poeple have really been good to me. So toricash take my name off the clan member list and if you ever need any support im always there adios everbody