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Clan belts and ranks
Rules of the clan:

these are not a reply of the server rules in the "server help" post... this are the rules of this clan in the forum or out game:

1. No spaming or we'llsuspend u
2. Don't be an asshole or we'll kick u out from the clan
3. No flaming or we'll suspend u
4. No scaming or we'll suspend u
5. Don't be a racist or we'll PERMABAN u from serve, from clan, and we'll report u to an admin.
6. Must listen to your leader or co leader or we'll suspend u and mute from the server
7. Respect all member of the clan cause we are a big family
8. No farming or we'll kick u out of the clan
9.Don't pretend a rank (recruiter, admin) or don't ask things like clan war, alliance... cuz u don't have any autority and this kind of think will be maked by Leader and Co-Leader. if u break the rule: 1st time: suspended from the clan for 1 week, 2nd time: suspended for 1 mouth and banned from the server, for 3rd time: PERMABANNED from the clan and banned for 1 mouth from the server.

Ranking system:

Leader [Mafia-Ldr]:Lilwalt
Co-Leader [MafiaCo]emon277
Right hand [Mafia-RH]:marccod
Left hand [Mafia-LH]:
Members that are not one of these four please just put on [Mafia]:
Toribash belt that can join:

Mafia Family Council:
Co-Leader - Demon277
Right hand - Marccod
Left Hand -
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Very Good Jafem
Fine Very good rules i think :/ What more do i have to say i think maybe that we should try and find more members
Are we ever going to make a video
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