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[Request]USD Set Request! Not too hard!
Make me an awesome parkour-ist set with All-Stars (Black), and some other cool details. Fairly freestyle, although it should be human, possibly can be a zombie, but human is preferred. Something like this, from Dead Space 1: -snip- I can spend up to 20 USD maybe more for this set, and extra payment if you include the featured force and lax colors, thanks! Post that you're in so I can keep track of you, and please post WIP's as often as necessary. 512x512 Res. please. :3
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Probably on this :P

Which style do you preffer ( cartoon , realistic ... ) ?
Which are the basic colors and such ?
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Piratez I Am
New account/name = perica
Realistic, and I thought of a new way to describe what I'd like, a dead space 1 set. Like this
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You cannot reference another person's artwork to explain what you want, it encourages plagiarism. Removed the pictures and warned.
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Hey look more than two lines.