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How To Host A Successful Betting Server
Betting servers are easy to get going, but it takes a risk! You have the possibility of no one joining and no one betting, but don't worry, the more time you put into it the better outcome you will get!

First, it is important to know when to host a betting server. You can find information about ingame stats on the top right of the forums. This lets you know how many players are online. Wait until there are about 300+ players, that is a good amount of players to have a good server, even though it can be done with less.

Here are the steps to opening a betting server.

Steps for Betting Server

Once you have your room set up, you are going to want to do a Global Broadcast to draw attention to your room and get people coming and betting.

Global Broadcasting

Once your server is up and running, you will have many responsibilities. Most keeping your server up running, which is the easy part.

Running Your Server

One thing that keeps players into the server itself are nudges, many players will spend their tc to be at the front of the line when they are erching to fight. Always keep your Nudges up to date.


Decap Prizes are another major thing you will see during many betting servers. This attracts many players to the server, and it also increases the amount of nudges you will receive.

Decap Prize

Having two OPS in the room is helpful most of the time, but how do you decide who a trustful co-host is?


I know the most important part of hosting a bet server to you is, "HOW WILL I MAKE TC DOING THIS?"

How Do I Make TC?

Eventually the server will die and the players will start to leave, this will always happen and it usually starts to happen when the bets start slowing down. You can either choose to Broadcast again, or let the remaining players play for fun.

Hopefully this will help you have a successful betting server. Goodluck!

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