Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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I wonder when this clan will get official
Team Lenshu|Anime United|Proud ex-member of Liquor
idk, i don't even know if toribash next will use this site or a new one, so basically i'd rather wait and see what happens on toribash next before going for anything.
I'm a collector and sometimes i'm scared of myself 'cuz i can't stop buying full toris and sets xd
i'm kinda the same but i tend to only get things that specifically catch my eye.

also starting my borderlands 3 playthrough/stream excited but also sucks i had to use epic games store.
on day 3 of borderlands 3 and i'm pretty hooked, i may be a nerd that goes for high tier new game plus.
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Highly suggest it, never played much borderlands 1, but 2 is good played through it about 3 times and im 4 days in borderlands 3 right now.

-edit forgot i played pre sequel either once or twice.
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