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Dayum bomb just Got destroyed in the last few days, Im thinking about reapplying since those who i really hated in this clan are now gone but im not sure yet

You guys should also fix your clan story and Member list,stuff like that
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Awesome. Welcome to the clan GlayGlay. Currently we are working out clan difficulties but soon enough your new clan will be all sorted out. Btw what's your name again?

Names David ^_^
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hello bomb squad, sorry to get in the way just thought i would pop in to say hello and that yo hoes aint loyal (hahalolol) is with other pimps my friends... This was just my app thread but considering he put the wrong clan in it is safe to say he has been applying to multiple clans. if ya want to keep up a good image i would recommend separating yourself from these kind of people.
SIDE NOTE: don't mind my rant but do read it if you are looking for some humor i was bored, annoyed, and had power how can I not abuse power such as the moderator message?
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Last Post - Clan Mods please close this thread
As most of you know this is [WAPOW]Krulls.
I am temporarily helping to lead this clan and get it back on its feet.

I have created a new Clan Page/Clan Thread using the Bombank account as instructed by Gynx.
When Sledgren left we could no longer edit the old clan thread.

Clan Mods please close this thread

Bombs Away!
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Don't worry, I can close it for you. Happy some of you guys are staying to make bomb better, I appreciate it.

Bomb's Away.
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