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(Lucky) The Lucky Ones

Want to get to know The Lucky Ones? Click here this for a discord invite!

~Logo Made by Zamier


old shit story that i'm gonna keep for nostalgia like most things.

Many Decades ago, there was a Lad, a Lad with big Dreams, the Lad hoped to become a successful leader, little did he know how hard that would be, Starting for this "Dream", He stumbled upon a thing that no one had known about, he called it a "Leprechaun". The Leprechaun came forth with a valuable request that the Lad had never Imagined to be given. The Leprechaun told the Lad that if he would help spread Luck around the world that he will be granted the Luck of the clover. The Lads eyes widened as the leprechaun spoke, and right away struck a deal with the little fella.

As the Lad walked to his house, he had a big Grin on his face with a Heart full of Determination to do the best he could to gain the Luck of the Clover that the Leprechaun had promised, shortly after he arrived at his house, he Prepared to start his journey! so he packed his belongings, his Sword and some food and water, and decided to start his journey, getting onto the path to the next town, the Lad saw two bandits trying to Rob someone with their Katana's, at this moment the Lad knew he couldn't let that person get Robbed, so the Lad rushed forward and Knocked out both of the Bandits with the Blunt side of his sword, after this the Lad said "Get to safety, and please be more careful" after the Lad said that, the person fleeted to the Lads home town, The Lad decided to take the bandits back to his hometown and turn them in for there evil doings! after turning them in he decided to spend the night at his home, after arriving to his House he made himself dinner then rested, for a few hours, he wanted to get a Head start to the Next town so didn't get a normal amount of sleep, morning came and he took off, Halfway to the next town he realized it was becoming dawn, and that bandits are often out during night, he quickly hurried to the town and rented a shack for the night, waking up at around Five in the morning he received a message from the Leprechaun, the leprechaun said "you're very close to the destination and once you're there you will need to make a clan!" after reading this he packed his things once more and moved on to the path of Toribash! shortly after making it to the land of Toribash, he bought himself a home and made a Clan, the next day he decided to work on his clan, he had to make sure it was properly setup, the Lad decided to name the Clan The Lucky Ones, after the Lad realized that being the only member of a Clan wouldn't work well, he set out to find Trust worthy and Dedicated members, and he went on with his days spreading the Luck of the clover to everyone!

~Story Made by BigDog and Malfunction

If you wish to apply to our clan Please click Here!

these were past members keeping this here for nostalgia.

BigDog- "hi i like clovers"
Draku- "The Assman"
M200294- who
LEGITTRIX- college
Harith2708- The Man
Sunther- Steam Codes

Co Leaders/leaders
Lysithix- why how who where
PKRitz- "I worship mac and cheese"
zamier- Go subscribe to this guy!

Master Clover
Nicolas135- "extremely epileptic cerebrally-damaged replay maker"
Yy2- amazing quick aikido player.
DJYap- god worthy videos, subscribe to this guy!

Second Clover
Bgjames1-"A N O T H E R D I M E N S I O N"
Koenaw- "R.i.p nsfw chat."

First Clover
Seth- "Floating Sentient Rubber Duck"
Pranit- "I have a dick, bigger than space's dick"
-Kau-- br
Jinje/ullyses- "I'm in a constant state of consciousness"
Denilumi- check out this guys replay thread!
Jordan- "following presentation is not intended for minors."

Ozarious- - Go subscribe to this guy!

LushSmoke- gone with the wind
10ne- rip
Chirox- gone for a break

Bigdogluck- feed me money pls

Become official[]
Apply for official[x2 ☑]
50k in the clan bank[x3☑]
500+ clan pages[]
400 clan pages[☑]
350+ clan pages[☑]
300 clan pages[☑]
200 clan pages[☑]
100 clan pages[☑]

Current access to the bank

Get Lucky

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you are missing some required information for your clan, please read the clan discussion rules & guidelines thread and update accordingly. also, you must have some sort of story or description, you can't say 'none'.
Just as Faint said,we should verify things around here and then we should be more than active in at the least our discussion thread.
I'm that one kawaii potato you'll never meet again.
my selected replays so far
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Clan replay.rpl (27.4 KB, 24 views)
Clan replay 2.rpl (30.4 KB, 6 views)
Clan replay 3.rpl (41.3 KB, 5 views)
clan replay 5.rpl (38.2 KB, 6 views)
clan replay 4.rpl (33.1 KB, 6 views)
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Originally Posted by cesar9 View Post
my selected replays so far

What are thooooooose for tho?? Cx
I'm that one kawaii potato you'll never meet again.
Some replays.
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1end of dummy takedowns.rpl (1.52 MB, 13 views)
master beat.rpl (32.8 KB, 12 views)
freeplay style.rpl (33.2 KB, 15 views)
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