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Hey This is Iman00b
Thankfully that is not my real name, my real name is Brandon and I live in the AU.
While I'm not super new, I started about 3 days ago, (Hope that's OK)
When I started I was too nervous to go online, thinking my fighting was too stiff to win anything. So I SP'd daily.
It's only been 2 days since I started MP and I've already:
Defeated a Blackbelt
Lasted more than one frame against Leilak (who in my opinion is a great Toribasher)
Won a tourney
and got an 8 win streak in Twin Swords SemiPro!
My favorite "Styles" are Aikido and Twin Swords; (I am trying to kick instagib but the carnage is oh so sweet.)

Just wanted to say that Toribash is a great game which I am now forever
hooked. Here's to me becoming a pro one day!
PS I attached a MP replay so you can see how I fight.
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thank you for your hospitality! some people can be such trolls, oh well.
98.90% of you are really nice!
I Will not change this sig until I can do a Boomhit!
This will probably be here fore a while.
Letting you in on a secret here: If you seem decent, we'll be nice. :>
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