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.:Arglax's [Tint] minecraft server!:.
Announcing Arglax's minecraft server!

You need to use the cracked software.
Download HERE

-Don't build or destroy any blocks INSIDE the base, yes, that's the big canyon.
I know a large plot of flat land, it is though, densely populated by trees. I'll teleport you to it if you want to build.
If I see you touching the big column on the right of the base, on the opposite side of the "watchtower" [the ugly tower with the fences] You will be banned for 2 days. I'm going to build somethign seekrit there. If you touch it, you die.

I might add more rules.

That were the rules, now go make some fun. NONE of the buildings have been finished yet, so don't be too much of a critic.
If you think you can do it better, host your own server.
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Wait... I can't play without the cracked software? I guess so...

Lagging much for me though.
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No... c=============3 this is a penis. Minecraft is a game.

You're doing it wrong. 8==========D is a penis.

Post some add-ons/mods you want in the server.
I'll consider them.

Also, try to PM me in IRC if you want it up.
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i tryed connecting says im refused
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