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Rules [11/05/2011]

1. Do not make threads regarding the same game, use the search function to verify this before making a thread.
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In addition, when you make a thread (after searching to see if it already exists).

You might want to add some damn information about the game. I don't want to see threads saying "Hey this game xxxxx is great, anyone else play it. It is so cool."

Here is a tutorial on how to create a good thread in these parts,
as from now on we'll take a more serious approach, most likely resulting in warning, infraction or bans.

No use of warez or discussion of warez of any kind. This includes Torrent, emulators and everything else.

With the new Spoilers that were put in place, make sure you use them regarding anything that would waste the game for others, including tips tricks levels and anything of the sort.

[spoiler=titlehere]texthere[ /spoiler]


4. No X vs. Z threads in this subforum. It's your opinion and just leads to flaming.

5. Selling game accounts is not permitted as it is against almost every games ToS, do not attempt to sell any game accounts within this or any board.
(A list of game ToS's)
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