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How to Do Aikido for New Players
Message me if you think there is anything I should add, go into more detail on, or remove from this thread. Feel free to post here things to be added and you will be given credit for your work.

  • The first key to being a good grapple fighter is understanding grabs. People don't put enough importance into their grabs, when the fight style is called grapple! XD
  • So what you need to know first is that when grabbing and you both touch each others hands at the same time and are both grabbing. You always get control of the grab, to the left of you.
  • So when you both clap and grab with both hands, you get the one of the left, and they get the grab on your right. Important for in case your for might try to let go of you.
  • If you see hands having a gap between them and you are both grabbed, they can easily let go

  • You also need to be able to protect against dismemberments, particularly, hand dismemberments, it's so easy to crack your hand when fighting in aikido based mods, so here what you need to know.
  • Odds are when you say that dismemberment was stupid or makes no sense, you're wrong. See it's all based on pressure, force, and pinch points. If you are putting a ton of weight on that little wrist joint, it will break easily.
  • For example, when in the ghost you see your joint extending and bend in in ways they can't go naturally. It may be best to let go, unless you have to hold on for dear life. Sometimes it's better to go into a rough spot, than break something and be in a worse position.
  • Now when it comes to force it is same as pressure, any hard hit has a chance to break or fracture. Have to learn how hard it needs to be byt playing and paying attention to motion/speed of movements that do fracture or dismember.
  • When it comes to what I call "pinch point" I mean the angle and way the joint is hit/grabbed. If you hit someone with less force, but direct and accurate at a perpendicular angle, you are more likely to still fracture or break. As it puts more pressure on the joint.

  • The next thing that is just as important, if not, more important, depends on play style, is balance. I always see people complaining about being lifted or shoveled, even suplexed, it all comes down to you keeping ground control.
  • It's hard to explain how to keep ground control without going into situational events. So it's better shown than said, but I'll do my best.
  • To keep from being shoveled or lifted, when people get lifted early in the game it's because they don't get low enough.
  • To get lower you raise shoulder extend pectorals and elbows, and contract wrists. This always you to counter the force they push you up, it's simple physics. That's the simplest counter to a lift, but even that will sometimes not stop a lift, especially from duelist lifters.
  • So after you do that and it doesn't work, you will have to play the patient game. Since you don't want to just do this instantly. I would try to fiddle with the joints a bit for a turn, or do nothing.
  • Then the turn after that you hold or extend pectorals to keep them separated and and contract elbows to pull yourself in, mess around with you legs based on situation. Try to get a leg behind them, or try to pull up a knee and hit them with it, or do nothing with the legs and keep them down.
  • Now if this works, sometimes it won't, you then have to try and suplex/lift them, I won't go into that because I know you want to try and figure it out for yourself right?
  • I mean it's simple, just look at the position and think what could you do, to get them in the air to take their ground control. Keeping ground control is obviously more than just these moves and techniques, so find what works for you, this will just get you started.
  • Hint: Extend elbow and wrists and mess with pecs!

  • The next thing to worry about in grappling fights would be your position, and move recognition. You have to be able to know where you are, and I don't mean where you are in the ring, I mean the fight.
  • You have to be able to recognize how the foe fights, and what they could do next. This is harder against newer players. Since they won't generally know what to do and will do something random.
  • Although it's hard to predict experienced players because they know what they think you think they'll do so they do something to counter what you think they will do.
  • My recommendation is that you try and watch good players fight each other and see how they react to different things.

Now I know this tutorial is a little shoddy to all you other experienced and more experienced players, but it is just a start for beginners. It's not a complex or detailed tutorial because it is for people trying to get started. If people like this tutorial enough maybe I will do a note adept tutorial and eventually a more advanced tutorial. Since I like to help other people and whatnot. So please I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have a nice day. ^_^
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Thanks for the input, and if anyone wants to add something please say it and I'll add it at the end with your name.
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nice post it helps a good bit i always tried to pay attention to grabs and my wrists and im good about the grab part but i still get wrist fracs/dms a lot of games thanks for the post
That's not even true at all, I've never really had many issues with drama. Only here and there, like right now. Anyways. If you're having issues with wrist fracs and dms, do you do the things I said to do?
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yeah i watch my grab and if they have a forearm/wrist grab I relax my wrist so hopefully it won't break but sometimes it does and ofc if I let go when they have a wrist grab it normally francs or dms it too normally i don't have much of a problem with people hitting my wrist and it coming off though
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Okay well anyways, cat4hbk, try this out.

Don't ever let go when they have the wrist grab, even if you relax the wrist. It puts direct pressure on the joint and letting go causes that pressure to release instantly. Try to only let go if you have to.
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Some helpful technique is grabbing both legs, this turns the whole match around. This probably ends in your favour 70% of the time. Because you can easily contract your elbows and wrists to pull your opponent's legs to your torso which executes the Double leg takedown. I used this alot.
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A time it wouldn't work is if some one knows that you can do that, and contracts knees and hips to pull self in better. Also, them letting go of both there grabs to use hands instead. Since if you're grabbing with both hands. They can obviously let go. That is why I generally try to recommend only one grab unless two is vital.
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