Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
i dont know much about tb art, but i still have basic understanding of things i am able to see- and i see that is amazing piece of art.
i love the fact you managed to actually add so much "depth" to things, so it looks like 3d on 2d, also the hair looks dope af all around. i have no clue how in the heck do u do those things so well. amazing job, gjj.
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finished my last tb request for Static's birthday
cnc always appreciated o/

static's req v1

static's req v2

This one's really good. If I ever decide to go full weeb I'm commissioning you.
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The Remake of the remake (?)

Hey, that head was a request by Shikkumo, I believe he still owns it, you should probably pm him
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henlo been a little while

me and fred decided to do a head collab,
once again tried to get out of my comfort zone a lil bit,
but this is how it turned out

fhraekdu - original color

fhraekdu - my recolor

lips looks a bit messy on my recolor, but this head took us so long i cba to change it rn, will be fixed in the future

also fred's custom recolor will be posted here as soon as he finishes it.
cnc appreciated

/dl haku or /dl fred to see it ingame, res is 2048 x 1024
Never inactive, just slow sometimes.