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Attempt at a head texture...
Hello all
I've been playing around with texture making in my spare time and could really do with some constructive criticism as I lack the knowledge/skill when it comes to art in general.
Below you'll find the WIPs and a 3D look at the head in it's current stage (Although it seems to drop the quality from what it looks like in game)

I will also add that I used GIMP to create this texture.
Thanks for reading.

Please note this is still a WIP



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- I don't know why I bother -
its looking promising so far, but not much to comment on with such an early wip. based off of what i can see i would say--

- work on the teeth; whether that be from shading the base of the teeth or pronouncing the mouth/lip/gum area some more (or both).

- i would also consider what else is going to be inside of the mouth before diving in too deep with details. are you planning to add a tongue or the texture of the inside of a mouth? possibly adding more rows of teeth behind the front? knowing what parts to put effort and details into and what not will save you plenty of time and frustration.

- laying out all of your ideas and trying them all out, even just a little bit, will help you come to a final decision much quicker. at least for me, once you have that blueprint laid out that's half of the texture completed already.

feel free to add me on discord -- im always happy to try and help! :-)

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-Edited shadows + lighting
-Added inner mouth membrane
-Edited gums surrounding teeth
-Updated 3D Image

Image 5

- I don't know why I bother -
See how there is light going directly towards the "lips"? - That means you'll need detail for the inner mouth as well.

Does the mouth hold completely still, or are you implying a leech/lamprey mouth? You could consider some skin wrinkles around the mouth to show that the mouth moves

Get some of your dark detail the way you like it, and then consider highlights. Is the mouth wet? Add some slight highlights to the gums and teeth etc

Keep it up!
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Hey, a cool idea you could do would be turning it into an eyeball so the mouth part is the pupil and then the optical nerve and rectus muscles could hang down the back and lead onto the neck/chest joint.
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