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Most damge in one punch
I searched and found nothing about damage and punches, so I thought I'd make one.

I got a 100k punch, but the hand breaks

Let the games begin.

Edit: Forgot to say:
-No mods
-No moving Uke

Edit2 Nvm, I got my punch not to break, and got 110k
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Holy frookin shit, that's one hell of a punch! O_O
I guess that using two hands is not allowed, and maybe the same with grabbing,
so i cant beat it -_-
Do slaps count?
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I think as long as it's a hand hit and no grab, it's valid.

Edit: On another note, I got 134k
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He had to move Uke for that one.
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Originally Posted by ravenger View Post
acuatly 136k of damage and didn't you get a million punch or did i imagen that...

It's 134k because I kinda slap Uke at first with the other hand for 2k damage.

And yeah, I did move Uke for the 1 mil punch.