You can milk this approach for at least about another 80K damage. I'm just not sure about the validity, since you're pushing Uke into your fist. If setting up motion on Uke prior to the impact is allowed, it opens the door to a number of complicated methods.
Radioactive torso's description should be, "You have cancer like wow."
I always thought that it has been accepted as long as while setting up Uke you didn't actually control him.
<hampa> that is insane http://www.toribash.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9896
Apparently having a life means to accomplish nothing.
Don't count the first "Punch", and subtract the score from the total.
It was more like pushing Uke into my swung fist...
<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
various places to find me lol
just me or did all you guys leave a mark on uke's soul........
Cheeze and Pie:3I will gladly tell you the minimint story.
(Elite1o0:) one sex, colouring my shoes(Elite1o0:) sec*
(A_coathanger:)sex shoes (Minimint:)Call dibs onsig:3

Dude, i got like, 565k, but i used grab to get my hand into Ukes head... I did
disable it right before hitting though >.>
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<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
various places to find me lol