Here are the rules for this record. You throw a body part as far as you can while still hitting Uke directly in the head without him moving. You are allowed to adjust Uke to keep him from falling over, but no major movements are allowed.

Here is my replay with only adjustment to keep uke from falling. OK?
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Andri 9000 distance 2.rpl (66.0 KB, 34 views)
I was saying that you could set the engage distance a little higher, and catch him while he's on his way down, for a better record.

To clarify, when I was breaking all of those records back then, the point I was trying to make was that we're all still noobs, and there's a lot more we can do to push limits on stuff. Records should be awe inspiring, and they weren't, really. I was trying to spur people to push limits.
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