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Most "bodyspins"? LOL
Had some fun with dm threshold 15. Just watch it I think it's 3 spins.
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whoa wtf man
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if god is with me and if i belived in god and im sure he is in the room with me, i just wish he brought a extention cord

I made it to 4
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Oblivion: that wasn't hilarious
Oblivion: it was brilliantly complex though
Oblivion: hands down man
Oblivion: today I genuinely believe more than I ever did before
Oblivion: that you are better than me
Oblivion: gg NutHug

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Nice you guys, but no record.
ponies <3 ..-
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If it is not good now,
It is not the end."

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wtf nice how u do that

he sets the dismemberthreshold to a low number, the lower that is,
the easy-r the dismemberments happen.
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