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Most Damaging Grab In 30 Frames
Yar. See how much damage you can get from a grab in 30 frames.

You must grab- can be one handed or two handed- no punching, kicking, headbutts, etc.
No moving uke
Round Frames must be 30
Dismemberment Threshold must be 100
No editing replays
No copying people's openers and adding something to get more damage

Title of Record: Most points in a grab

Measurement of Record: Most points in one grab within 30 frames ( 320,758 )

Relevant Settings: Dismember Threshold 100, Engage Distance 100, Round Frames 30.

Mods Used: None

I got 320,758 points with this grab:
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I only got 32k but also a split
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Me thinks you're getting a tad too specific with this record... Seems to me that
you're desperate to have a record :P


Something funny happened while i attempted to break your record :3
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heh, i got 29k XD but i got a split and turned into a half madman, but im retarded when it comes to posting stuff so i cant show you the replay =/