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Uke perfect balance
I know Dafe has a thread for the foot balance but i couldn't find it. Also i don't know how to check if the balance will stay on for ever.

Title of record: Perfect uke foot balance

Measurement of record: forever i think

Relevent settings: Engage distance 100, Dm threashold 100

Mods used: none
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00 uke perfect foot stand.rpl (33.4 KB, 88 views)
i dont really think its that good since he didnt really move that much, there are much better balances out there
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I know it's not good looking but is it a perfect uke balance because if it is then it will be the second perfect balance (first uke balance).
it wont be the second perfect balance, there has been many.
First uke balance... I dont think so either.
i do this all the time. nothing special bout ito_0
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he stays up for about 3000 frames, i edited the replay to make it 8000 frames and watched him slowly fall. your "forever i think" is completly off. though i do like how you press down on him and then he stays almost like jellotin. now to edit it more!
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