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Longest Possible Handstand (had to make an auto-spacer >.<)
I was just playing around with handstands and then i just tried for 999999999 frames (lol xD) it seamed to work, if this is an actual record, pwease post so (Took 1 hour and 25 minutes of Auto Spacing)

Title of Record: Longest Possible Handstand

Measurement of Record: 999999999 Frames

Relevant Settings: Default Wushu Settings

Mods Used: None

Replay of Submission:
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HandStand.rpl (22.0 KB, 103 views)
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Isn't there already an infinite?
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Nope he falls somewhere near frame 1410050426

You are right. Had to watch the whole thing.
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This is rediculous. There should be no longest handstand because of being able to do it forever/ a REALLY long time.
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well he falls at 1,410,055,383 (when another part of his body touches the ground) and the replay starts at 1,410,065,407, so the handstand lasted 10,024 frames which does NOT beat the record, nice try though.