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Hero Pro League

[AS]All Stars

Hi, and welcome to Hero Pro League!

Hero Pro League is single elimination tournament where the best Toribash players fight for the ultimate glory and the pride of their clans.

Hero Pro League is a tournament between the participating players

In the first round, participating players will face each other in best-of 5 first to 3 duels.
Round 2, 3 and 4 will be best-of 7 first to 4 duels.
Semifinals will be best-of 9 first to 5 duels.
Finals will be best-of 11 first to 6 duels.

Mods to be used:

No editing the mod's game rules.
Match results should be justified using replays and screenshots.
Failure to complete your matches will result in a disqualification.
Ping/Timeout after the first turn counts as a loss.

Regarding mod choice
First game always played in boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm.
Every next mod will be chosen by the loser.
A player can only choose the same mod twice.

800,000 TC

500,000 TC

300,000 TC

There will be also bonus prizes:

  • First to get a decap in pfy_qukido_wip04.tbm gets 25,000 TC
  • First to win 3 matches in boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm by ONLY goatsae gets 100,000 TC
  • First to do a cork and win in the same match gets 150,000 TC


- Applications closed -

Join our discord server to organize your matches!
(click on the discord image)

Deadline for Third Place matches is 31st of December

Deadline for the Finals is 31st of December

Players List

If you have any question; post, PM or DM me on Discord: [nato#7358]

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i have read and understand the rules
pm me your questions or applications

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I have rwmead and understand the rules
I have read and understand the rules
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I have read and understood the rules

I have sent 10000 Tc to Nato (please send back i didn't read that it was free now ;'c)
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- I have read and understood the rules

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- I have read and understood the rules

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