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(g) Gangsters

If you're looking here then damn right you got lucky - because you're witnessing the best russian clan of all time attempt to come back to life!
You're modest yet don't mind some strong language and are generally a pretty fucking outstanding guyhumanperson who is allowed to play games after 10 PM?

In that case, join us!

But before you get your awesome (g) spottag and start sowing fear on all Toribesh servers, you need to fill an application form.
Remember, it should show how damn outstanding your are.
Those who post a bad app may get banned. This guy did.

App form (yes you need to follow a form kthanks):

0. Do you want to join Gangsters?

1. Your RL name.

2. Your mother's great-grandmother's name.

3. Your left leg's pinky's age.

4. Penis?

5. How much time do you spend on Toribash per hour.

6. What's the best clan to be in?

7. Вилкой в глаз или в жопу раз? (go google that one)

8. Third General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

9. Your favorite singer.

10. Biggest gay of tb community (with explanation).

11. First person you're going to call gay once you join g.

12. What's worse: being Tarlan or joining Hack twice?

Hello. (15)
16. Where did you spend 2010's summer?

17. What's up?

19. Subscribed to T-Series?

20. Would you call yourself attentive?

21. Still sure you wanna join?

Your answers shouldn't be same as questions.
Every new member gets a gift.




Get at least some members
Get clan bank
Get 10 TC in clan bank

Are we using a bank: no.
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