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Hey matarika here, i've been doing some training with players, and decided to make a mod that helps train specific kinds of important movements needed for sparring and often many other kinds of replaymaking! (Parkour, tricking, etc.) So let's get down to explaining each area!

Mat_spar_field_1.tbm = Combat Control Training

This mod has various spinning arms! You can wander around and dodge, strike, block them! Or you can spar your partner in the middle in addition! This area is meant to improve your accuracy and control. As well as reacting to unpredictable obstacles coming at you! (there could be bugs with the arms but should be fine for the most part)

Mat_spar_field_2.tbm = Decent + Landing + Control Training.

This area is meant to be started at the top. (but you can move ur tori to the bottom for a climbing challenge) So you begin your decent and try to land on as many of the steps as possible! It's not about getting down fast, its about getting down controlled. The falls are to mimic landing from aerials in spars or situations where footing/stancing needs to be fast and precise.

Mat_spar_field_3.tbm = sweep + launch training.

This mod has a red bar in the middle and your goal is move side to side passing under and/or over the bar as many times as possible before you reach the end! This area will improve your ability to quickly find sweeping and launching positions mid-spar!

Mat_spar_field_4.tbm = Finding new footing.

This mod has different height platforms so while sparring you have to change footing and height quite often to be in position to attack opponent. This mod is yet another mod to improve your ability to move on various levels, stances will have to change to stay on your current platform or change to a different one.

Mat_spar_field_5.tbm = Offensive Form + Power + Planning attack set ups

This mod is pretty straight forward. There are various columns with white pads on them. They are basically punching bags but the intent of the mod is create chained movements, sweeps, or spins and end up striking one. Or you can head to any one of your choice and attack. I surrounded the area with them so no matter what direction you go, you will end up by something u can attack.

Mat_spar_field_6.tbm = Foot Placing + Distance Control

Fighting on this this bridge will help you with placing your feet in planned areas but also staying close to your partner! This is important in close combat parts of sparring.

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mat_spar_field_4.tbm (24.5 KB, 41 views)
mat_spar_field_5.tbm (24.5 KB, 41 views)
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