View Poll Results: should i trick more or do mad mans?
be tricky
98 Votes / 70.00%
be mad
42 Votes / 30.00%
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Hello kouta!

not bad, pretty cool. I don't like how you started it (900-875), but the hook was pretty cool. I dislike the other moves before the cork (specially the transition, looked a bit messy in my eyes). The flash kicks, wasn't that good but i can't say too much things about it. Try to do it like mistakes i have forgotten (oblivion). Backflip was very well executed, beautiful. Buterfly kick was ok and the rest was awesome, specially the last cork.

good job 7/10
Bump/update some irl stuff is happening won't be replay making for a bit.

"be tricky
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"be mad
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wow thats some varial kickflip to tap to impossible to mediocre landing kind of shit.
impressive trick! i like it
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