oh right hello uh

Things have been somewhat unstable, but it's not in a particularly negative manner so don't worry. First of all, Stellaris and new games, secondly, haven't had good access to my tablet in the past week, so i haven't been able to draw a lot. That besides, i couldn't think of a good way to twist the theme to my own nefarious ends in time. :<

however have a dump


also Krong's avatar
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i don't want to stop sketching


Also thanks for affirming that at least one other person still cares! Have some more dooglings:



I've taken a liking to that birb. :V
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Oh right yes hello, i'm not dead. :v
Thanks very much peeps! I'm sorry i forget to post here, there are a fair few other places where i also post (especially discord channels) and it gets kinda hardcore when i have to dedicate like 20 minutes after drawing solely to post it. But, i have been plenty busy, so prepare for a fuckhuge dump!

normal things

also an important vent art

SO, a bit of info about the vent art: I was having an anxiety episode that wasn't really going away, so i decided to try something new and make vent art about it. End result: As seen above. It's not nearly as pretty as most other drawings i've made, but anxiety ain't pretty, and i think it's so far the most emotion i've ever poured into one drawing, so it's pretty important for me. It shows pretty well how an anxiety episode feels to me, and was overall fucking intense to draw, it was like accelerating the anxiety to the speed of stupid in order to pour it out properly. Felt good afterwards, though!



You'll have to make do without a blurb for each of them, there's just too many at once for me to be arsed. Also yes, i have been using inktober to practice my hyoomen drawing skills, they were falling behind compared to furries animal faces. So far pretty happy with my output, though not without exceptions. :V
<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
deviantart page | also patreon if you feel rich
Mind if I ask what the vent art is supposed to show? It doesn't look too nice and I wanted to know what it represented,
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