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mental disorders and dissociation
So, I figured out recently that I have an extreme anxiety disorder which has been inducing depression for the last 5 years of my life. I haven't gotten any official diagnostics, but I probably have some form of BPD. Anyone else suffer from these things? What have you done to cope with them? I've started taking medication.
Not trying to be offensive or anything, but someone has to say it. This whole post comes off disingenuous and reeks of attention seeking.

1) You haven't been diagnosed.
2) You "recently figured out" something that should have been very obvious for the whole 5 years if it's as severe as you make it out to be.
3) "Extreme anxiety disorder" is only a term used to describe something like PTSD, which, I assume is not what you mean.
4) Anxiety does not "include" depression. They can co-exist, but they're not a part of each other.

It might just be the way you phrased things or simply lack of research in this topic, but if you truly have such issues I'd suggest researching it a bit more.

Please understand that my post does not intend to cause any harm. I have been diagnosed with depression and mild anxiety in my younger years (mostly gone nowadays), and I see many self diagnosed people on the internet these days claiming they have it the worst. I frankly find it quite offensive.

tl;dr get diagnosed (for your own sake), then talk about it if you feel the need.
Don't take medication for things you haven't been diagnosed for yet. If you require meds, the psychiatrist will tell you.

Also, I wouldn't think of meds as your first course of action. If you need them, then you obviously need them - But know that psychiatrists tend to over-subscribe drugs as cures. Attend a psychiatrist for your initial diagnosis, then follow up with a psychologist to explore other management plans that don't necessitate drugging yourself.

@Smaug, on your 2nd point, I was depressed for about 3 years before I finally 'woke up' to it and sought help at the urging of a friend. Was subsequently diagnosed with MDD.

On point 4, he didn't say his anxiety 'included' depression, he said it 'induced' it, which anxiety totally could do.
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I have been diagnosed for anxiety and depression. I havent seen a psychiatrist, but was recommend to since I probably have some form of bpd.

And no, im not seeking attention, im talking about my problems. I literally thought I was dead for 2 months. My medication was prescribed.
And for me, I have severe anxiety with mild depression spurs. Sometimes my depression is severe aswell.

Edit: I also read outloud, journal, exercise every day, and actively work on my problems.
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Cognitive behavioral therapy, from what I understand (which isn't much), is one of the better forms of overcoming anxiety and depression. Those mental disorders in particular are more a matter of what type of lens you wear. How you see the world, how you see yourself in the world, and probably more importantly expectations.

Getting good therapy for this type of mental disorder is a matter of reshaping your mindset on where you are and what you are. Learning how you are, what you've done, and accepting and embracing its unique qualities, without letting comparison by the theft of joy.

I will say though, getting to know your "idols" on an adult level as you get older certainly helps. Because every shade of "perfect" you thought existed that you don't stack up to starts to crumble in on itself and you come to this awesome feeling of "Oh, NOBODY has got this life thing figured out. I'm not alone. We're all dumb and dying. Cool! Alright well I'm going to start telling people I like watching this show now because fuck 'em."
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CBT or DBT therapy might help if you can find that near you, medication can also cause you to feel "dead" or dissociation/de-realization too, if that feeling has come on a lot more lately talk to your Doctor or psychiatrist or therapist and get them to get you ona new medication or a lower dose, it is a really distracting feeling and is hard to enjoy things when you feel like that all the time or hard to tell what is even real or not.

I go through moments of depression and anxiety, it's been not as bad lately but therapy and techniques help me get through certain times I feel like I'd do something I might regret, there are millions of people out there that go through it all, I don't think you're attention seeking just reaching out for some help or advice, some people will try to shut you down or shun you or compare your mental health issues to theirs but non of that matters, don't hesitate to see a psychiatrist, mention that feeling and when it came on or when it comes and goes and all that and hopefully they can help with a different medication and some techniques to help with lowering that feeling or frequency of it.

Good luck, keep your head up and stay strong Greg.
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