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Hey "you", yes, "you".
Thanks for dropping by again today.

You've been hounding me for about 2 years now, I have plenty of guesses as to which ones are your alts, some more obvious than others.
But I can't just go pointing fingers at people just because they resemble "you".

You keep doing this like it's going to change something, change me as it were.
Or maybe you're just lonely.

You don't seem to understand the things I'm talking about, but more than anything you seem ignorant and jealous, I can't even begin to guess why.

Toxic is a word used a lot 'round these parts, but you're something else.

You're still obsessing after me, trying to be clever,

posting my chat blabber out of context without understanding it yourself.
You do this periodically, like a bad habit. Maybe you got a reddit to update in my honor or some dumb mediocre shit like that, I dunno.

But if anything, it seems like I've hurt you, real bad too, probably by wiping the floor with you or something like that. Or maybe I've been on a mood and I've twisted your nipple out of shape by using words.

Since you are a coward, and I can't contact you directly, I really hope you're reading this on one of your many accounts. Or hey, maybe it's a whole clan of virgins trying their wings at being malicious for all I know.

I'm not sure how this all is going to end, but from the looks of it, not with a whimper on my part. I'm glad that you're still hung up on me, for whatever reason, and that I occupy so much time in your life without even trying.

That tells me I'm doing something notable. You I tend to forget once you're gone, usually even when you're there, but you know this already.

You'd probably throw some immature repetitive nonsense at me that you've picked up from somewhere, maybe try and jab at my intellect or good manners by being the turdburglar that you are.

It's not working, bruhbruh, I just kinda hope you had the testicles to step up and face me. But you don't. And all the virgins around you who look up to you for being a meany will probably grow out of it. But you won't.

Any way you spin this, any which way you twist and turn, any way you try and suck your own tip about this, I don't care about you, or what you do, it simply bothers me that fucknuts like yourself exist at all, it bothers me to see how time, energy and resources are wasted on empty husks of droning masses crying out for individuality by repeating others, unable to be anything but a sad reminder of how low we are as a species,

but that's not nearly enough to make me the butt of the joke here.

Bottom line here I suppose being- you're an impotent, generic, frightfully ignorant, grey speck of a human being, and not worthy of remembering, and I won't and I doubt others will either.

But look at you, coming at me, time after time.

Oh ye, before I forget - fuck you, you sad little shit, go fuck a twinky.

Feel free to chime in "community", I await your racist and homophobic slurs, coupled with obscure references to memes nobody has seen. xoxoxo
Okay, we're not going to be doing this here. Not even entirely sure this is a serious post. The off chance that it is, you're free to send me a message of your concerns rather than doing it here. We don't mind legitimate complaints but ambiguous stabs at what seems to be nothing doesn't seem to be all so serious.

As I said above, if you have actual complaints you can send me a message. If the complaints are about staff members, we have a Staff Complaints board.

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم