im on standalone so i thank god i don't know because i would be depressed if i knew how many hours i have in this game
i used to play for hours back in 2014-2016
i dont use steam but id say

6k + hours
i used to play like A LOT
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Steam; not a lot... like, barely recorded because fuck broadcasting I'm playing.

Stand alone... A shocking amount - 5 years of ~18h a day due to support & other B/S. Easily had a 20/1 ratio of playing vs ingame admin crap at the time. NFI how much time has been eaten fucking around in SP, far too many hours.

Kinda funny when you can look back at the "if Skul left..." jokes. Just as well my ex was a smod or she wouldv'e sacked me IRL lol.

(BTW the 18h a day thing isn't a joke - people thought I never slept due to how much admin time I had daily)

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I have 500h on steam, but i played a lot on the standalone before it got on steam, so i would say 2k+ or more in total.
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but i only started using steam toribash at the start of 2018 when i got my new pc, so i'd say somewhere closer to 5k hours or something like that

update! now i have 2174 hours on steam
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I don't know, I've been playing toribash since 2006.

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