the worst party i have ever ben to Was I was at A Friends house and IT wasnt many people and He made me smoke weed and drink Bourben and I got into my Moms car and she fucking scremed at me for smoking weed and drinking bou
When I was a teenager my friends and I had a house party at another friends house while his family was out of town. The cops got called and we were all high and drunk asf. Some of my friends ran out the window and got away. I had to show the cops where all the weed was. I was scared and high as all fuck. the cop shined his flashlight in my eyes and was like booy this kid is high as hell! lol some people got charged. My dad came and got me, thankfully I was let go.

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Not "the worst" but along those lines, there was this college party organised by teachers, so it was kinda official but it was in a pub and even teachers got wasted.

Anyways somehow it lead to my coding teacher making out with one of his students and admitting to having a teacher-student relationship in front of a bunch of us.

It was awkward as fuck for the rest of the evening and the teacher was forced to quit the job few days later.
went to a bar before the party and drank dark liquor

then i went to the party and smoked and drank white liquor

then i spit game to a girl for 2 hrs priming for you know what

and then instead of going home with her i destroyed their bathroom by vomiting everywhere
At this party at bout 4am prob had smoked 5 blunts that night, some guy is a jujitsu expert and wants to do wresting. I'm up and he chokes me out, wasn't feeling it after cuz I was hoping just to chill and smoke a few more bs instead of wresting at 4am
The jujitsu guy was on mdma and coke I think, don't think I took any mdma
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