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(JL) Jade Lotus
Simplicity is the key...
Be aware of the shadows, you will never know what lurks there. Jade Lotus is a clan of those who do the dishonorable deeds in the shade of night without leaving any trace or witnesses.

The Code


The Clan


Recruitment Dojo

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We are the best
even when I don't know what is Jade Leaf
lol :P
Also, we should make an application template for the new members who want to join our clan
Go search Jade Leaf on google thee leaf looks all shiny and shit XD... uhmmm i can design one if everyone is lazy
Faaar too simple cliff XD
nice try thou .... How about :
Rank ( aswell as mod rank ):
Forum Activity(10/10):
Ingame Activity(10/10):
Reason you want to join our clan:
How can YOU contribute (tc, art, being totes rad, etc.) to the clan as an individual:
Interesting facts about yourself:
One replay of yourself ( mp ):
Do you promise to obey our code:

Then what we do is we tell them they must be tested if we see potential and then test their skills ingame...
Can i handle recruitment guys? I would love to... You guys can test them if you want...
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The how many games part is kinda dumb :l you should remove that since i cant even remember how many times i've wanked. Soooooooooo yeah but really, yeah.
sucki sucki 500 tc me love you long time
How can YOU contribute (tc, art, being totes rad, etc.) to the clan as an individual? would be a nice addition, kinda interested in how we can use newcomers for our own good.
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