Herro, The names Ares.
I'm stupid, Retarded, Occasionally acts autistic.

I've been on toribash since 2012, Made an account from there. ( Forgot name...) After I lost that acc, I made this one. Which Apparently is filled with useless stuff.

My real name is Abdulmohsen, But I prefer Greek Mythology such as Ares.
My age is (?) And I live in Kuwait, Aka middle eastern country. Let's just say I'm an Arab.
Other video games I play, Garrys Mod, League of Legends, PUBG, Overwatch, Skyrim, And ofcourse Borderlands 2.

I recently started being active again since Toribash was dying in its way Since all of this "Event" Shit is ruining the aspect of the game.
I'm a big fan of ABD and always will be, And I ain't bad in that mode anyway.

Let's talk about why I want to be here in the first place.
Communication, Wars, a Huge aspect of Native Americans/Tribes in its way.
I love the fact that this clan actually has Communication! And I would love to take part in.
Activity, In clans I usually post in a good post rate ( over 1. a day.) which is reliable in its way you could say.

A few examples of my previous Clans, TGS, CREAM/Tint, NCLW, And a lot of others.

And Obviously a few replays.
Previous and ugly name
7sooni190 or some shit i don't remember but ok kokokokokokokokoko
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Kidjay will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
Jedi is still in discussion.
Mage will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
Area is still in discussion.
Sasuke is still in discussion.
Dylan will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
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Also I stream tetris
Jedi will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
Ares will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
Sasuke will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
raid | JollyR | Urban | Tribe | NO | T
ORMO | OSHI | OLDA | NOoT | Team Judo

Also I stream tetris

My name is M0nsoom, My real name Is Ryan Scott and I am 17 years old, Ever since I was a white belt I have wanted to join tribe, There was a time in my toribash career where I saw tribe as a bigger then life clan, still do tbh x) I have the want to be a part of something great in the toribash community. I saw a buddy of mine Blueevil with a (tribe) tag on, "Good heavens!" I thought to myself, "Tribe is back!" and here I am.
I used to play all mods, But now I only really play lenshu3ng, as I find playing that in playing that mod you have many opportunity's to do something cool. The clans I have been a part of Include but are not limited to (bad memory) [RelaxAll] [Ct] [I] and some other non-official clans.

What can little ol' me offer such a clan?

Well, I can offer friendship (lol) I'm a easy to get along with person and I love to have conversations. I love to play toribash with people along with posting in clan threads that I'm a part of. I also would enjoy sparring with some of you. Other then that theres not much els I have to offer, I truly just want be a part of something awesome while I drift into the retirement stage of my toribash carrier, I also have a reputation of joining clans blue joins :^D

If you have any questions for me, along with any concerns or statements, Please feel free to ask me here or PM me directly. I look forward to meeting all of you as I take another step in my walk of toribash. Thanks for reading!

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Hey Everyone!

Main info:
Decided that it's the right time for me to apply for Tribe.
For the ones who don't really know me here's a couple of facts about me:
Country - Estonia.
Languages - Russian, English, Estonian.
Former professional k1 fighter (which drasticly changed me as a person)
At the moment - an entrepreneur.

Feel free to add me on Facebook

Clan History:
May not remember all of them, but here's a couple of them:
MLNM, UTM, MM, DAMNED(that became Liquor), TGS
And ever since TGS didn't change pretty much, because where Orko goes - I go.

Ingame Skills:
In sp - I really love doing realistic jumps. Learned how to boomhit thanks to Orko. You can see a couple of my replays in ORMO, because rn I have a new computer and all the old replays are lost...
In mp - pretty much a competitive player. Obviously, for over 20k games I've learned a couple of tricks in aikido and wushu.

Why Tribe?
Tribe is a clan which most of the clans should look up to. It's active. Has great leadership. Everyone seems nice to hold a conversation with.
Question: why not?

Additional information:
I had a pretty painful past in Toribash, due to irl problems I guess. Time passed by, things have changed. I've changed as a person. The only thing that's with me and hasn't changed for ages is my heart...
I love people. And I'm open to help change peoples lives to the better. Guess that's going to be enough information about me for you to make a constructive decision.
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Hey Tribe

My name is Alex, I'm 19 years old, a typical teenager from Russia, studying in the university and working in a consult way, nothing special.

I started playing this game in past 2009 when Toribash used to be one of the best games ever (no), but whatever. In 2011-2013 I was well known as "Muzu" for hosting tourneys and duelling, great times which I miss so hard, but ok. In 2013 I got in ban for account sharing and decided to get rid of this game so I was inactive like for 2 years maybe or something like that. In 2015-2016 I decided to try to get a new chance to get in again and I did. I was well-known as "Mist", many guys knew and still know me for the same as in 2011-2013: duelling and hosting tourneys as soon as I used to be in Event Squad, so now I've changed my name again for no reason.

Why do I wanna get in Tribe?
Tribe is full of my old friends and also skillful players with whom I used to duel in my past. That's the most interesting experience to be in one clan with such people with whom you can cry about past times. Ya, I'm talking about you guys: Shmevin, iRookie, Elate, Holotor, Shade and BlueEvil. So I hope I'll fight on your way and we will show that oldschool players are the best players.

Past clans:
I'll just the main clans which helped me a lot: UssR, Hack, uoy and Fire, and all of them are dead now so that's why I'm clanless.

What are you good at:
In 2012 I used to be in Ormo, also a good duelist in such mods as: ABD, Boxshu, lenshu3ng, rk-mma. I can add some replays later if it's needed.
Hello I am Karstnator

I want to join Tribe because I want to be in a clan with skillful players who have a goal of winning Clan League and destroying a clans will to clan.

I am currently an ES Artist although my art isn't that great.


I also like dueling in ABD and in boxshu_mushu


I want to contribute by playing in wars and in Clan League if possible

Ticux says I'm the best player, too.

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