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You're already ask that in Begginer Sanctuary board.
Link of your thread here
I think you dont read sir's post here.

FYI It wasn't moved to the beginner sanctuary when I asked here
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Balls get on the clan thread and tell me why you are trying to host an event :|
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no, i mean how to texture it like art.
i cant find a tut anywhere
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my question is how do i make links and spoilers..i have been wondering how to make links for a long time..have a good day..
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if you mean like this


you highlight the desired text and then click the button that looks like the earth and past the link into the dialog box it gives you

spoilers are in the top right corner of the editor
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Well, I couldn't find this in the tutorial index, so I'm suggesting a tut on tricking (replays) I saw one for Madman replays, and it was awesome, and I looked for one on tricking but I couldn't find it so yeah, this is what i'm requesting.
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How do you make a full set 512x texture, I know the head, but the other part i have not tried and isnt sure what they will look like
I have noticed that there isn't a tutorial about "how to buy and wear a texture"

I would like this kind of tutorial. Everything explained very deeply, yet so simple anybody can understand it no matter if they know only basics of English language.
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Free textures