can i request a tutorial on how to make a high quality eyes in the head texture ..on photoshop
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Llamas Tutorial!
Ive Seen Many Llama Avatars But I keep questioning my self how to make it But as much as i post i get Ignored HowEver. If any1 is Awesome enough to tell me what they use and there Outdated Useage Please Give Me Tips on how and give me the link
Btw this Llama Avatar was made from rickyz he gave to me....
Damn Pressed the wrong button! dont give me another warning pwease
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Requests through PM guys,

- @nyways I want a tutorial how to make a good momentum move, how be a good shoveler, and how to aim perfectly....

- Also how to make a realistic texture through Gimp....
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Enigma | Indonesian?
rip aelise, she wil b remembrd
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I am seeing a lot of thread in tutorials asking for tutorials to be made, so I thought it necessary make this thread instead where people can post requested tutorials instead of making a brand new thread every time.

When asking for a tutorial, please be as detailed as possible, making sure you have clearly explained what it is you want doing.

If you have made the tutorial from the request, please make a new thread in tutorials, and acknowledge that it was requested in your thread. You should also post in this thread a link to your tutorial so that other people don't duplicate a requested tutorial. I will add the tutorial to the index when i get the chance

Distinguishing Between A tutorial request and a support issue
Please remember that there is a support board for things which require knowledge too, so make sure you post in the correct board, and always remember to look at the forum FAQ. It can be difficult to distinguish between a tutorial request and a support thread. There are a few differences:

-Something belonging in support would be related to a technical problem which probably no other people are affected by.

-A support issue may also be related to account problems are item difficulties

-A tutorial request should be asking somebody to give instructions on how to do something useful rather than asking for a set of instruction on how to fix something

-A tutorial request should ask for knowledge on how to do something which should be useful to other people.

It would be good if somebody could sticky this please, thanks.

EDIT: I would also suggest looking at the toribash wiki for answers if you before you post a request

Before asking for a tutorial please check the Tutorials Index

I was thinking that is it possible to do something called "headscissor takedown"
not complicated as this one if you cannot...........