As a zerg, I don't think the game is as imbalanced as some people say. Far less imbalanced than wings of liberty was, at least. I do think some units are a little too strong though (medivacs!).
Hydras aren't that much stronger, the main thing is now they can retreat and position better. They're still just glass cannons with no health, but with vipers in the mix now I can see them being harder to kill.
Yes, basically the answer earlier would be collossus, but seeing there are now stronger mutas and vipers it gets very difficult (not impossible tho)

I haven't really tried out high-templar play yet.
HT > Hydra

You should definitely try it, psi storm destroys hydras. If you micro coli and stalker correctly then vipers shouldn't be a problem; 150hp vs 14 damage. Though HT are crazy. Not only will HT stop viper ever from abducting your coli, but if viper has enough energy for 2 pulls, then it dies.

If you are lazy to micro, just mix in as many HT as they have vipers, and whenever they try abduct just feedback.
Actually I found a really good counter to hydra play, go voidrays first, if they go mutas you will destroy them because you have more air than them, zerg won't have the gas for both mutas and hydras early, when warp gate is getting finished you get zealots or stalkers with your voidrays, so basically it will be zealot/voidrays or stalkers/voidrays against hydra ling or roach hydra (or just hydra) tried it a couple of times on the ladder, I found it pretty effective so far.

I have tried it against a lot of zerg strategies, early push? you will have a cannon to defend. Every time opponent went 7roach push or any other roach push you will have voidrays out in time. They might damage your wall a bit but you will have a powerful counterattack. I am not sure if I want to research ground armor or ground attack yet. Or maybe air armor?

this is 2 base ofc.

got 8 wins in a row and rank 2 diamond in no time :P

so basically my basic strategies now

against terran, stalker/zealot/mothercore rush and expand behind it (sounds a bit crazy but it works as long as you don't loose your mothercore which I never do)
then zealots archon hightemplar play, I'd rather go HT instead of collosus for some reason. I rarely see people go ghosts in PvT to counter HT.
against Protoss I usually try to play reactive, and I always have to mix in voids. If small map I usually just 4gate like a retard. Expand is nice.
against zerg, voids into ground army with upgrades(never stop void production)
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Shit, I forgot about SC2.... Needa play it, if somebody wants to play with me this next weekend hit me up I use my brother in laws account, mostly because the name of it is Alex lol. So yeah lets do this (If I suddenly get good it's because he took over :o)
Happy Halloween!!!!!
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