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[R] Detailed Set for 100k!!!
I dont need a set anymore.

Sorry to the artist(s).
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ima go for it
ill have a wip by tomorrow
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I think I have the perfect set for you!
You can download and lp me ingame to check out the recolored version! I assure you it is HQ the only 512 parts are the hands feet and head, everything else is 256 but it looks identical to 512! It's recolorable for free ;) Artist is Jetsnix


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Hi, please update your thread to comply with the following rules. Thanks.
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A) Do not use other peoples art work to demonstrate what you want, this encourages plagiarism.

B) Try to explain what you want is as much detail as you can, in both post and thread title, and always include what your budget is.

Emm.. No thank's turtle.

I found a set. Closing and thanks Goughy.
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