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Skyrim Together
What's your opinion on the upcoming revolutionary mod Skyrim Together?

2 videos covering gameplay/information

Here's the YouTube Channel for Skyrim Together covering all about it.
In case reading isn't your thing.

I think the mod is actually the best thing to come from the modding community from any game. I believe this was done with TES: Morrowind.
It's pretty awesome, games that were originally single player offline experiences converted to a small multiplayer game with friends (up to 8 people total).

Skyrim Together is however still in Closed Beta for patreon's only however when all the bugs are fixed it will be released publicly for free

Some information on the mod. In case reading is your thing.
I got access to the closed beta but I am currently unable to play as I don't have access to PC
If they can fix all the bugs currently in the game and make it smooth, this is gonna be truly great and I see myself playing very often.
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