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Welcoming A New Member and Planning For the Future
I'll try to keep this as a short One-Two.

The New Member
I happened to be strolling through the actual game for a change and someone named Weebly popped up and expressed exceptional interest in joining [Elite] (as well as a little impatience). Despite the peculiarity of the zeal in their proposal, I decided to accept them into the clan without going through the usual channels. Also, where the fuck did the Recruitment Thread go?
Oh well, we'll talk about that in a second.
The reason I decided to accept Weebly is because they would like to do two things for the clan: Help with wars and help with recruitment. There was no existing group for this specific job-type, so I created it...temporarily, at least; it's called Go-Getters. Because I avoided using proper channels, Weebly will be on a probationary period for an undetermined amount of time as we get to know them and/or see what they can do for the clan. If any issues are to arise, please either make them public or contact me, at your discretion. Also, since I made the new Go-Getters group, if anyone would like to join it, let me know (the only privileges are war management and sending invitations).

Where the Fuck Did the Recruitment Thread Go?
I was too lazy to go dumpster-diving into the old threads trying to look for it, and I think it's a good time to start up a new thread. Hopefully, this'll be the rebirth of [elite]'s intentions, and the time for [Elite] to come into the fray again. I will create a prototype recruitment application format, but feel free to share what kind of information you think would be useful in the application.

I still have to make sense of the current roster and whittle it down to what actually makes sense, and then begin a reorganization of roles based on who is actually active these days. I'm busy with other things as well, so forgive me if it goes slower than would be desired, but progress is progress, nonetheless. I hope everyone's as excited about the future as I am.
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I like how you're getting back in control again, Nice :^)
Ill be active in-game now..
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Got rid of the recruitment thread when a bunch of people kept joining and leaving very soon after, sometimes not even announcing they were leaving showing no respect at all for the clan.
At the time also felt we didn't need more members as we were decently active with a good team.

The recruitment system also needed an update to avoid further trash getting in but I didn't really have time to come up with something and just left it at that. I did however allowed clan mates to leave suggestions or even make the new recruitment thread themselves after a while that I would proof check, this just never came to pass.

tl;dr I got pissed at shitters joining got rid of it, you can bring it back whenever.
I can entirely empathize with that kind of situation We'll get shit going again <3
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Welcome to (SixPaths)

I need to change my name to distance myself from these memes.
P.S.: I added another one into the Go-Getters. If there is no forum activity and no recruitment/war activity from them within a month's time, they're outie 5000, but I hope they impress us
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eh, hope it works

just checked the lads, and i have noticed none of them have more than 15 posts, i dont really think we should invite people who dont post, theres no guarantee they'll post
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hentai for senpai :3~~ >~<
You are very correct in that assumption. To be entirely honest with my intentions, I'm more or less giving them a shot; if they can actually bring in a decent number of members for us to filter through, and there are no negative comments surrounding them, then I would be willing to keep them even if they don't use the forums. It's been too short of time to judge if they are liars that just want to be in [Elite] for the notoriety or if they legitimately want to help.

On another note, I'm not sure how to approach member acceptance in regards to forum activity these days. Now that Toribash is integrated into Steam, I feel like a lot of players don't have the drive to use the forums, and forums are just kind of a dying tool, unfortunately. So on the one side, I only want forum-active people because that's how I (and many of us) like to play the game, but on the other side there are plenty of cool people that just hate using forums. IDK, as it stands I'm probably going to enact some required forum activity, but I want to do that once we actually have events, in-game meetings, or SOMETHING that would warrant forum activity. Right now, the only reason anyone would be checking into forums is to see what's going on with the clan revamping or to shoot the shit with all of us delinquents. That's fun and interesting and whatnot, but it's not as exciting or enticing as other things would be.
Just another thing to think about moving forward, methinks.
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