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For Honor
Really it is a difficult game like toribash
anybody out here gaming this ? I bought it recently and I'm very glad I did.
So much possible actions during a fight, that amount of classes and imagine how they all fight with each other.. really fast reactions required. And they add up classes step by step when they release seasons.
How is your experience with For Honor so far ?
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had high hopes for the game before launch. they ruined the 4v4 modes with gear stats making you an unstoppable tank, had really unbalanced, unfair characters(peacekeeper), 2/3 of the time the 4v4 games would end in someone disconnecting and crashing the game back to main menu, new characters added were even more op than the ones before(centurion). i know they've addressed some of the things i listed but they have a long way to go before i'd consider reinstalling it. there's a reason the game lost like 90% of playerbase after 1 month
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I played For Honor on console since Open Beta began and I've gotta say a good portion of characters are cancerous. I won't talk about how shitty the connection is because that's something that the game is renowned for.
I'll categorize them from personal experience.
Top Cunts:
Peacekeeper (pressing R1/RB repeatedly = win)
Shinobi (just keep kicking them and pressing R1/RB = win)
Orochi (top lights and zone attacks are legit the only thing most Orochi's do and it works)
Valkrye (albeit a low tier character, all you need to do is light in any direction and sweep constantly = win)
Recent Addition: Shaman (bash lights and bleed to dash/pounce = victory)
Medium Cunts:
Warden (for the most part top lights and the shoulder-bash are hard-ish to counter, its a 50/50 whether or not he guard-breaks you or bashes)
Centurion (when Cent was released it was hard to counter but when you realize all he can do is kick, light, heavy and punch he's easy to counter but once in a blue moon you find a good Cent)
Nobushi (kinda the same as Peacekeeper but when you focus hard enough it becomes a breeze fighting even high rep Nobushi's)
Shugoki (press R1/RB or RT and X/Square = win)
Recent Addition: Aramusha (kinda easy to counter unless you're against a decent player that times shit right but still a spam-my character)
Bottom Cunts:
Every other character. decent to counter unless going against high rep that knows what they're doing.
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DLC isn't fun to play against so I quit

Doesn't matter how good you are of a normal character player (Oro main), most DLC characters are just silly and the mechanics they bring make fighting them completely unfun. For a long while I just could not face Centurions for my life because of their silly unblockable mixups, and if you make a mistake you lose 75% of your hp

Only PK and a few others hold a torch to competent players on DLC, even Shinobi who is quite meh can still cheese wins with his unique and silly mechanics. I also got super tired of DC'ing every game for 10 games and then managing to get through a duel against a glad or centurion, not fun

Got a good kick out of the game for a little bit though
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I see there are really negative experiences made with this game
Let me tell you right now, they probably did a lot of updates till now so you will be able to play without many crashes(as for me, I play on my PC).
I constantly play the highlander and the only class I really hate to play with is the centurion, he has plenty of them moves you cannot block. That seems unfair to me, but I guess with experience you can counter everything.
If you have a class that you simply just loose against, try to play a couple rounds with that class you don't like and soon you will know everything you need to.
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Ayyy with the recent balancing changes and the upcoming reworks. I believe it would be appropriate to resurrect this poor neglected thread.

I preordered the game and did end up quitting for a while when Centurion was pretty broken.
I main Warden a currently low teir character and still manage to maintain a 70% W/L and a near 2.0 kdr playing mainly brawl/duel.

As the current game sits it's enjoyable, if anyone does still play this game, hmu on steam --> MasterDael
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Raider main or quit life.

Raider I believe is maybe the most balanced character.
He's only got 3 combos excluding the zone, yet people make him work so well.
He doesn't have light attacks that are too fast to react to.
Perfect character, great to main if you've got the aptitude.
Raider is definitely some quality design, I play him as a secondary. I can't say many other stand up to his example.
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Odlov is my daddy and I love battledome.tbm