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Lost 7th Dan account
Hello all, I'm looking for some help on how to recover an old account of mine as i'm looking to return to the game. It has been a couple years since i've last logged on and I can't seem to remember the account name or email it was linked to. I did some searching around and found this account linked to the multiple emails I used in the past but it says it's only a white belt. I used to be 7th dan black belt (as shown by my steam account) and had an abundance of TC through texture creating and was wondering how I'd go about finding it.


Note: I just found the account's name "realVortex" and it has the 200k+ TC but I still don't know the email
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Glad you figured it out lol. Please be careful and mindful of your password in the future. Consider changing your email in your userCP. If you run into any issues or need help doing that, contact an Administrator for help.

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