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Halloween Lottery

Get your costume on, the Market Squad Halloween Lottery is here!

What is this and how can I get stuff?

Well, aren't you a fast one? This is a lottery of course! You buy a ticket and have a chance to win an awesome prize/perk. But be careful, while you have the chance to win a nice prize (a treat), you also have the chance to "win" something negative (a trick).
Unlike previous lotteries, there will only be one tier of tickets that you can buy and it includes all items, good and bad.

Send the money you want to spend on tickets to SpookyGhost.

Please make sure to mention the amount of lottery tickets you are buying in the TC form you send to SpookyGhost.
If for some reason you sent the TC form without the message, don’t worry, just make sure to send a follow-up PM to SpookyGhost with the form attached.

Tickets are 5000 TC PER ticket

You can buy as many tickets as you want as many times as you want.

Cool, so how do I buy tickets?

First, figure out how much you need to pay for your tickets. All you need to do is take the number of tickets you want to buy and multiply that by 5000.
Once you know how much TC to send, send your TC to SpookyGhost and include this message: For Halloween Lottery

What is up for the grabs?

When does it end?

Tickets will be purchasable until the 7th of November GMT 0, and winners will be revealed and prizes will be sent a couple days after.
oh no a gambling addiction starts here
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wtf is with these events?? none of these prizes are worth spending tc on like come on. lol

well yet another event i wont be entering
Gonna buy one ticket to avoid an addiction. Please tell that someone didn't have buyed 638358 tickets already x,d
Why does this have to exist, this is like the 2017 april fools event except worse, I want to send all my tc but at the same time I don’t, I have no self control. Help me I’m having a panic attack.
Sent 405k >:C
Btw, are the “treats” prizes only singular? Like, can 1 person only win the wizard hat? Or can multiple people win it?
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Sent 15k to SpookyGhost For Halloween Lottery, and hopefully i get a void force
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