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OMG, Check my zawesome twinswords boomhit!!!1!!11
How come when you post decent replays you get no comments at all, and when you post shit like twinswords boomhit you get a lot of comments? This will be my new replay thread.
Anyway, I didnīt want to disappoint you guys, so hereīs a twinswords boomhit+some other crappy replays, one of them is a Wip of a nograb madman in sambo, other is a Nograb madman. Enjoy And don't be lazy, comment.
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Meamme0 - NoGrabMadman.rpl (121.1 KB, 40 views)
Savezorz1.rpl (85.2 KB, 33 views)
Thanks for the Avatar, MrAakash