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The Book of Records Rules [Please Read Before Posting]
General Rules

1) No multiplayer or mods
All records have to made in single player (Free Play) in classic, with default settings (gravity must be -9.82), unless the record specifies otherwise. Time records must have an engage distance of 100 or more. Otherwise, you may change engage distance (Tori and Uke must not be touching eachother on frame 0 though).

2) No cheating
This means no replay hacking, no scripts or anything else that gives you an unfair advantage in breaking records.

3) No stealing
Taking someone else's record and editing it to improve it won't get you the record. If you want to break it, you have to make it from scratch.

4) Check existing records
If you're posting a record attempt, check the current record first to make sure you have beaten it.

5) Keep it simple and objective
If you're posting a new record, make sure it isn't over complicated ("fastest corkscrew to decap with a kick" for example) and can be quantified (no "coolest madman" or anything). Feel free to PM one of the local moderators to check if it would be valid.

6) Backseat moderation is not allowed
Posting to say you believe there's an error or glitch in the record is fine. But avoid explicitly telling people their records are invalid. It's the Book of Records moderators' job to verify the legitimacy of a record, not yours.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please PM one of the local moderators of this forum.

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