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[RA] Style perfected
Post here any soopa replays that U have done, and add short explanation to each replay. For forum newbies: U can add replays after coming to advanced posting and pressing add attachements below box where I type message now;p. Just scrool page down, and U will get it.
I'll start tommorow, it's late;/.
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-_- edit this post or I'll shoot you! What it will give us if we know the name of your replays?!

Go to advanced posting and click manage attachements, or delete this post, ToriDude. It looks dumb. -_-
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Ok. here is my share ;p. couldnt give more than 10 per post so, next load will come soon.

pawnage - i just did it. uke gets pawned. badly. disappears in under a second actually.;P

nice nice decap kick on wushu well it's on twins, but I guess I was to excited to realise I'm on swords dojo-_-.

force kick - it looks like I shoot projecticle from my foot, and guy broke,
and this wasn't agreed. it's so silly;p.

embarassing ... - well nice "Step-on-chest-like-thing" in swords

standing - "Hampa knows" talk + perfect standing (best I've ever seen), sandal breaking, and Taunts falling on face in the end (faceplant perfect too;p) so, dont miss it ;p.

leet kick - server was full of inquisitors, and they said RA is noob. well (it was few weeks ago)... i did what I had to;p. and decapped taunter, hitting in target on his head.;p kick is my fast second-turn-invention, after first-turn-odlov's opeing. (used with his permission)

goal keeper - almost no fight, but my nice throw;p. goeal-keeper-like.

uke pretends he's not decapped - LOLLISH single player - beautiful wushu my-invention decap, head-exchange, and juggling with uke's head, who eventually tries to fit his head back on his shoulders.

dude - I hit him, and he got the habit. he finished himself flawlessly..

super - wushu grab and choke, after BenDover's opener, I guess.

Enjoy Your ride;p. there're more comming;p.
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here are some of mine rpl's.

i lost many when i re-install toribash.

still working at better openers!
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